char kuey teow

Student A : Lau She, lu tau char kuey teow ah?

Lau She Nisa : tau. apa pasal lu tanya?

Student A : Lu makan char kuey teow ah?

Lau She : makan. apa pasal lu tanya? lu mau bagi saya ka?

Student A : mana mau kata dalam melayu oo

Lau She : char kuey teow juga laaaa

Student A : ooohh.

15 minit kemudian.

Student A : Lu tolong saya tulis char kuey teow *gives teacher the form*

Lau She Nisa : ohhh. u mau tulis bapak u kerja bikin char kuey teow aa??

Student A : kerja? apa itu? bukan. bapak saya bikin char keuy teow mau angkat luit.

Lau She : hahahahahahhaha!


12 thoughts on “char kuey teow

  1. oh gosh… i can totally imagine the conversation!
    haha…. the student is directly translating from chinese, word by word!
    miss you dear! muaks…

  2. Lou Shi!
    The students here call me teacher but they dont even speak BM… they speak Iban!!
    I hate not knowing what they are saying… but well…
    What I dont know cant hurt me!

  3. faa and mien : nanti waktu convo kite 3 org pi makan char kuey teow nak? my treat. 🙂

    jarod : i dont understand my students too. one day, apparently one student was “maki”ing me in chinese but she was smiling so sweetly. luckily, a chinese teacher passed by and called her to give warning. haha.

    miss u guys lots.

  4. waaa… i dont what i would do if i am in ur shoes.. i am SOOO lucky to be placed where i am now cuz everyone speaks kelantanese.. including the english teachers! haha

  5. kak Nisa ur one optimistic young lady. I know so many teachers who complained way too much when they were posted to chinese school and it’s good to know you are enjoying it. It sounds scary though. I’m given Assunta for my practicum and i have no idea how i’m going to handle them.Anyway good luck.

  6. i knew right from the beginning that u r going to b transferred somewhere in Manjung area..=) how’s school? oi, gimme ur phone number. jamie (anak Puan Loo) is back from nz@oz and i’m planning to meet her this week..yeah, can i drag u along? we can meet up and sip a nice cup of coffee at ol’ town. (eh, u allergic dgn kopi!!kalau jumpe u mkn roti bakar je lah. hahaha. kidding~)

    email me ur phone number at, ok. have a nice week, nisa! (^_^)

  7. wanee : u’r lucky to be posted to that school!

    michelle : i rase u salah cikgu la michelle. i think your teacher is Miss Nisya. i am Miss Nisa. i got her blog listed under my blog roll. check it out! 🙂

    ramyah : well, what to do ramyah. u have to make the most of what u have.

    syikin : nak ikut!!!!

  8. hey i wanna eat char kuey teow too! nak ikut~
    i miss miss miss being in kl! food and shopping!
    i’ll never take mcD for granted again… haha

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