Lau She Nisa.

i am now a career woman. hehe. well, i’ve started teaching 3 weeks ago in a school 45 minutes drive from home.
So, i travel back and forth and leave house at 6.30(!!) everyday. Well, i teach 5 subjects (PM, Sivik, PJK, Seni Visual & English), but half of all the teaching periods, I teach Moral. Its quiet fun actually.there’s not much thing to do,  except that most of my students dont really understand bahasa. 70% of the students in the school are chinese.
they dont even speak kantonese or mandarin, they have their own dialect which i forgot what it is. so the
language barrier between my students and i is humangus. in English class, it is even much harder! i cant speak English all the time, and i translate it into Bahasa Melayu and some of students who are quiet bright
will translate it into chinese to their friends. Gile multilingual jadinye my class!

i’ve learnt some of the words in this dialect. it is vital so that we know when the students throw us vulgar words (they do it most of the time).

i’m pretty happy actually. well we cant complain much can we? there are other people who are jobless and i should be thankful to God that my path towards this career well pretty much easy peasy.

it is just that i dont have much friends in Manjung though i grew up here and all my childhood friends should be from here.

i dont know where have they disappeared, well, time to make new friends and locate my old friends!

i cant whine too much about my school, or the fact that i have no social life. i just have to adapt or create the life that i wanted. there are others who are very far away from family and civilization. God has His own way to work things out.
He gave me school that is near to my house and i got my family beside me.  some of my friends got far away from home but they have friends around them. see, one way or another, there’s always some good things for us.

God is fair and the more
we love Him, the more He loves us back.

i ramble a lot. i know. i cant help it.

till then,

lots of loving,
Lau She Nisa. (heh)


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