Coffeeholic gone crazy.

*this entry was written 2 days ago*

slurrppp.  I’m typing from a really cozy corner of a small cyber cafe  in Manjung, while sipping my favourite cup of coffee.

ok. i lied. i’m not drinking coffee but just mineral water coz the doctor told me that i might be allergic to coffee.u got it right. let me say it one more time.

i, Khairun Nisa, who drink coffee religiously  has been diagnosed of allergy to coffee!!!!!!!!!

*petir sabung menyabung*
it is the end of the world
*petir sabung menyabung*

i always think MILO drinkers are sissy. and i know what you’re thinking,  there’s always tea. yeah right. while i heard thunderstorm, tsunami and volcano eruption and the world seems to move slowly while the doctor said
that i should lay of coffee..    she also mentioned tea.

so no tea and no coffee. its bad for my tonsil (i know i should get rid of it while i was a kid). coz i’m having this chesty cough and i’ve been to the doctor twice and tried every cough syrup in store. i still had this cough every night and i know it irritates my mother and brother so much.

so i lay off coffee for two days ( tau tak betape seksanye???) and the cough dissappears.

i hate it when the doctor is right.


i cant find anything that can replace coffee or tea. i tried horlicks, ovaltine and oligo-coco as well as vico.
(if i say something bad about the brand can they sue me?)

well, u got the picture, if i like drinking milo, this blog should be Milocart not coffeecart.

i once whine about this loudly and mom snapped,

“syukurlah ade air nak minum, Allah baru tarik nikmat kopi. tu orang2 Palestin tu nak minum air paip pun susah”.


**********tapi ade OldTown baru bukak kat Manjung!************


8 thoughts on “Coffeeholic gone crazy.

  1. Jid, mari kite mimum di old town!! nanti nisa nak pi langkawi!

    farah, yer farah, terkedu sat.

    faa, ape kate faa je bukak old town kat sane ba? kerje sampingan. hehe.

    sayda. cadangan ko tak bley blah la. klaka sungguh!!

    ana, aku minum je weih. ko ingat aku nak dgr kate2 doktor itu????

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