where are the hot guys in Sri Manjung?

lazing at house. doing absolutely nothing, is not my holiday dream.

oooppsss. cut that. come to think of it. i’m loving each and every moment of it.

plus. my handphone is not working, so its giving me time to cut myself from the outside world.

i lay in my bed everyday reading the novels that i bought ages ago that’s been collecting dust on the shelf.

i recommend : We Are The New Romantics by Niven Govinden – so young. so carefree . simple but full of emotions.

and The Ninth Live of Louis Drax by Liz Jensen. unputdowntable. a cool amazing psychological thriller.

it takes my mind of posting matters. do u know i have restless nights thinking of where will i be posted?

i only think of the worst. but the worst is not sabah and sarawak.  there’s people that help ypu once you got there. you know, takes you to school in the 4WD and stuff.

what if i got Perlis? i dont have any relatives or family members there. yikes! and where am i going to stay??

ainee!!!! jom kuar ngeteh!!

tell me friends, what have u been up to?


5 thoughts on “where are the hot guys in Sri Manjung?

  1. oldtown; thousand of times with my loyal sis.
    klcc; tired of it.
    pavilion; tiles to tiles.
    tv3; suteramaya..and the ending was lame.
    me; …

    mis ya!
    your egg dun have yet meh?

  2. jarod & faa : glad that you guys are having a great time.

    faa. bile nak dtg manjung?? sbeleum kene pi sabah. hiks.

    syiken: cik syiken… i tataula mane org2 hensem kat manjung ni pi… pupus kot.

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