i’ll miss these. i’ll miss us.

its hard to say goodbye isn’t it? well, thats what i have to do tomorrow. to say goodbye to my Cohort 2 comrades.

the 5 1/2 years has gone in a blink of an eye. i feel that it is just yesterday that we all first registered in this course and were briefed in the main hall by Ustaz Ismail. i still remember my first few friends here were Ainna Zetty (who is happily married with a cute baby daughter), Laily and Lim Tow Suan. Tow Suan and I talked a lot about his hometown Segamat, which is also one of my favourite ‘pekan’ in Malaysia.

my foundation classmates are just awesome! we laughed, poked each other and do a lot of acting in LDV class  and we also stressed, fretted, depressed over Miss Ng’s calls for drafts. but we survived her! i remember the long night drive with Hafiz, Hassanah and Shah ( who is also happily married now), the discussions with Nieda, Jijah, Etie and Tasha. and how we were really angry with the class next door (2.4) for making a lot of noises! oh oh! and i still remember exchanging riddles with Hadi and Guna because we were literally next door and we could see each other through the crack.

thank you  Ainur and Zurina for being two of my closest friends. someone where i can share a lot of things.

Macquarians . we practically matured together. went through the hardship and loneliness living in a foreign country. thank you for always being there, for the makan-makan, for the yassin and tazkirah, for the korea class!, and for the endless chats that we had. for my housemates, Syada, Ana, Durra and Majidah, thank you thank you thank you for being my family and letting our house to be a rehearse place for my friends and able to put up with dramatic words flying across the living room. To Fariza who always being such a sweetheart, my partner in makan-makan, make-up artist, fashion consultant, partner jalan-jalan, practicum buddy and oh so many things that u do for me! Farah for your words of wisdom, i could find solace in talking to you. wanee and hana, for the introduction to DBSK, to fatin for the nando’s outings and emo pictures, kairel, for always coming to my productions, nozie, seng chee, jaime, peri, zila, shim, madeline, jul li, ruth, sarah and harvin thank you for the happy moments!

I gained a lot of experience in organising things and events in IPBA as well as in Macquarie. though i would not be able to do it without the help from you, my friends of Cohort 2. Mien, remember Treasure Hunt for English Day? and Jarod, thank you for putting up and be patient with me though i screwed up Teacher’s Day. and the MPP’s. Nieda being the great advisor for my profile, and the others. i always look forward to MPP’s meetings because of u guys!

and the juniors and seniors that painted my memories in IPBA in to a beautiful picture. you guys rock!

i would always remember the beautiful souls that i can call my sisters (you know who you are!). thanks for accepting me for the way i am and make me feel so comfortable around you guys that we could actually maki each other without any hard feelings. (celaka is my term of endearment ok?) ngeeee.

i would like to apologize for any bad things that i have done, for being bitchy, for being extra bitchy, for bitching (heh), for throwing nasty words and tantrums, for being bossy and so many things that i had done due to my weaknesses. ampun beribu ampun.

to ainee and alin, my friends of 13 years. i’ll see u guys in Manjung. no need to say goodbye lah!

to all the Cohort 2 , I LOVE YOU ALL!


7 thoughts on “i’ll miss these. i’ll miss us.

  1. hehehe~~
    I’ll miss you too~~

    Anyway, you didnt mess up Teachers’ Day.
    It turned out really GREAT!
    Anyway, it was my fault for not checking the invitation letters before approving it!
    The leader take the first blame, not the worker.

  2. Nisa,

    your last 2 posts sgt sayu!

    macam mana agaknya starting over WITHOUT those who have been with us for 5 1/2 years…


  3. Nisa~

    trimas juga kerana sudi dgr diri ini merepek tentang byk cerita dan ‘topik’ yang hanya segelintir memahami(u know what is it ;). terima kasih untuk kenangan melbourne, cherry-picking, berry-picking, mandi manda di river dkt ladang di Vic tu, dan banyak lagi.. aku akan merinduimu~

    ‘The moth that flutters round the fire until its own death is more admirable than the mole who lives in a dark tunnel. Braving the miseries of life is more noble than shutting yourself up in silence (Kahlil Gibran).’

    Selamat mengajar! i love u!

  4. nisa~!!!
    i’ll miss u too…
    don’t forget to send me ‘i miss u’ messages like u always do when you watch any korean dramas etc. cuz i’ll make sure i’d reply them!

    and it had been so FUN working with you… thanks for ‘making’ me the class leader because if it wasn’t for you, i’d never thought i could actually become a leader.

    love ya lots! muaahhh~!

  5. aww..

    that is so sweet and so touching. i hate goodbyes. and it’s a very nice of u to even mention my name in this entry. i thot im just a distance friend to u who doesnt really affect you in any way. but i was wrong. im so flattered really. thanks again. i wont forget about the Amazing Hunt. we had a very good time back then organising that despite the fact that there were some flaws. but that’s not just about it. 5 1/2 years knowing you, i know myself better. to me, u r such a darl. happy go lucky person. caring. and i feel very comfortable whenever im with u. u r another good friend of mine who keeps ur footprint in my heart, and i will remember u always. u take care and do keep in touch 🙂

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