of forgiveness.

ramadhan last year.

i was angry with the librarian at Macq Uni as the credit machine “songlap” my AUD40 (!!) and the librarian said that is not the machine’s fault by MY fault. hurm. plus plus its not my own money but it’s my play’s budget. i have to make report to macq uni admin and they have to investigate first yada yada yada yada!

i was really angryyyy so i went back to my friends and i BITCHED about the librarian.

here how it went:

Nisa : *&^*@^(^@* bodoh!!! )(&*)(&)(@)_*@bangang!!(&(*@&# taktau buat kerje&^&* how stupid!! *&**

(by this time u should already know that i am hot tempered)

Rodney : Nisa, at this month of Ramadhan shouldn’t you be more forgiving?

Nisa : *stunned* PANG! dush dush dush dush dush dush DDDUSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH!! *jatuh tergolek*

*sigh* everytime, i feel angry or feel like yelling or slapping someone, i’ll remember my friend’s question.

that shouldnt i be more forgiving?

so, therefore friends, readers and who ever you are.

i hope that it is not too late to ask for forgiveness. ampun maaf zahir batin, dari hujung rambut hingga ke hujung kaki. halalkan makan minum, halalkan ilmu yang diberi, barang-barang yang terambil.

maaf jika ade tersakitkan hati, termarah, tertengking, terkuatkan suara, terbuat muke, terngumpat atau tergossip.


ramadhan dah nak pergi, it so sad isn’t it. hope that we could make full use of the remainings. mintak ampun dari Tuhan itu penting kerane kite sentiase buat silap. sesungguhnya Allah itu Maha Pengampun dan Penerima Taubat.

gambar kitorang yang masuk Salam Perantauan tahun lepas.



4 thoughts on “of forgiveness.

  1. haha.. yes, i remember that incident! you were supposed to copy some stuff up for DRAMAC and losing that money meant disrupting the budget.. poor producer :p

    anyway, I would cross my own line to say that we are adviced to be forgiving after a brief period of bitching! hail ana on her philosophy, plis… hahaha

  2. To err is human and to do repentance and to forgive is divine. Oh Nisa. I’ve forgiven you as well. For 13 years. For my childhood crush who fell for you. Maaf Zahir Batin~~ *kiss cheeks*

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