It has always been about 2 Seroja lately. well, there are some things that i just could not escape from. ngeeeee 😛 . they have been my life for these 2 months, i breath 2 seroja, i sleep thinking about 2 seroja, i think about the students of 2 seroja, i even sing “mariii menyussunnnn.. serojaaa bunga serojaaaa” by jamal abdillah. sigh.

i will dread the time to enter the class because i know that there’s a very great adventure waiting for me in the class. it’s fun but demandingly tiring. it’s like solving puzzles and riddles every day, cracking codes to know their new hiding spot or their new mischief that day.

today, i waited a few minutes after the bell has rung to enter the class (usually, i was there 10 minutes before the bell so that i could easily caught the ones who are hiding under the tables)  i’m still in my sulky mode to these kids. however, when  Fariza entered the staff room and said “Cepat Nisa, anak murid u dah main sep sep tiang dah tu” i know its gonna be one hell of a day. kids will be kids. it is still one hell of a lesson but to hell, i enjoyed it very much!! ngeeeee. see? kerna ku sayang 2 seroja.

some of the teachers said that the class is “kelas puaka”. it does demotivated me before. however, one of the teacher’s word that gets me going : ” kalau kelas tu kelas puaka, cikgu dia mesti lagi puaka”

means that how hebat and terer is the students in the class, hebat lagi cikgunyeee. ngeh ngeh ngeh.

selamat bersahur!

Miss Nisa



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