Diari Ramadhan 2 Seroja.

YESTERDAY (Tuesday, 2nd Sept 08)

Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet said: “Fasting is not [abstaining] from eating and drinking only, but also from vain speech and foul language. If one of you is being cursed or annoyed, he should say: “I am fasting, I am fasting.” (Related by Ibn Khuzaimah, Ibn Hibban, and Al-Hakim.

and boy. how many times did i whisper to myself that “i’m fasting” yesterday afternoon.

bringing 2 Seroja to the library is always a challenge. but u still have to do it for the NILAM project and they have marks for it.

i chased them in the girls’s bathroom and knocked loudly on every cubicle so that they’ll come up to the library and i chased the boys up to 4th floor for they love playing hide and seek. so, you’ll see them under the staircases, near the flower pot, in the store room, in empty classes. and in the men’s washroom as well. do i care? ngeh. aku jerit dr luar suruh keluar!

i could not take it anymore, i just let them be. they know that i surrendered, so they came and line up in front of me.

Miss Nisa : kenape ye suke buat saye marah?kenape ye suke susahkan saye? tak boleh ke jalan elok-elok masuk library mcm org lain? suke nak buat saye sakit hati eh? best eh tengok saye penat?

Amrun : ala cikgu kan lagi sebulan.

Miss Nisa : lagi sebulan nak ape??

Syazwan : lagi sebulan cikgu nak mengajar kitorang

Miss Nisa : habistu?

Amrun : nak buat cikgu seronokla.


TODAY (Wednesday,3rd Sept 08)

i was at the library with my Form 4 kids for their NILAM. i was maintaining my stern face as i was really angry with them as well yesterday. therefore, hari ni takde ngade-ngade lah. then entered the form 2 seroja with their relief teacher. aiyoooo…

i was bombarded with questions!

Asraf : cikgu merajuk eh?

Saiful : cikgu semalam naik teksi kan? saye lambai tapi kenape cikgu buat2 tak nampak saye?

Amar : cikgu nape x jawab salam saye?

Nazeri : cikgu semalam cikgu merajuk eh?

and then, Lukman came and sat with me on the sofa. he’s the kind of boy that knows how to give you the kesian-la-kat-saye-cikgu kind of smile.

Lukman : cikgu, jangan la merajuk dah…..


sometimes i do love the attention. like i said , kerna ku sayang 2 Seroja. =D


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