there are times that you feel that the teaching profession really suits you. you dont mind teaching for the rest of your life and there are times that you feel that u just wanna burn that record book and breach the contract and become an actor, singer or something. hehe.

well, obviously when the kids suddenly become the angels of your life and do everything you said and keep quiet on their seats it only happens in your dreams.

most of the times, my students are little devils. with the tanduk and ekor poking out from their body.urghh.

but i still love them for they have touched my life with their small gestures.

oh my beautiful little rascals!




4 thoughts on “rascals.

  1. hehe…panjang lagi perjalanan adik nisa’ ni… tapi yg nakal dlm tu la nanti akan tegur kita di luar sekolah, yg baik n diam dalam kelas ntah hilang ke mana…percayalah cakap akak ni…..hehe…

  2. nisa ive been following ur chronology of the rascals…pity u..but i know u can overcome it!go GURL!!! Well,just go wth the flow..spare some time for urself and enjoy them as they are(huhu)yeah i know easy saying than doing it…i love reading ur blog!!!it makes my day..i hope we can met up during ramadhan,ive told ana that the hukum shall be wajib.ill try to set up date wth hifza.anyway she’s working at nielsen p.j as a trainee..okies till then…love ya…!!

    yours sincerely-intan

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