lagi kesah 2 Seroja.

a day before the observation by my lecturer.

Miss Nisa : okay, my lecturer is coming tomorrow yer. Cikgu saye nak dtg esok. (kelas ini kene translate English ke BM sket-sket)

Girl : Jadi kene berlakon baik la yer cikgu?

Miss Nisa : nape nak berlakon? korang kan memang baik. tak berlakon pun dah baik anak-anak murid saye ni.

2 Seroja : *kembang hidung semuanye*

on the day of the observation, i expected that I still have to chase them to class, but instead they were all sitting-not-so-quietly in the classroom.  they spared me from chasing and running around that day.

Miss Nisa : bla bla bla bla

2 Seroja : *lompat, bergayut, berlari*

class has finished, one boy came up to me and said : “cikgu bangge kan dengan kitorang?, kitorang x fail kan cikgu kan?”

Miss Nisa menangis dalam hati.


7 thoughts on “lagi kesah 2 Seroja.

  1. hai nisa…
    kak aisyah kenal u dari blog afir n fyi i’m a teacher for 4 years n i know what are you going through right know. sokak aisyah rasa your blog are just ‘take’ my heart away… hehe

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