i feel like giving up.

sometimes i have had enough of it!

 i never realised that teaching could be so hard.  everytime you leave the class after each lesson, you’ll keep on thinking whether they have understood you or not, have they learnt something useful from the lesson? can they possibly answer the exam questions if the topic ever come out? and once you are outside the school, the lesson plan is one thing, to come out with an activty that will cater to all the students’ differences is another thing and to check their mounting homeworks… aiseh, and the fact that you worry about their education and whatever would happen to them if they are not interested to learn. haish.

it’s exhausting!

 a bunch of kids who have no interest to learn at all,  they will not see the purpose of you standing in front of the class.  and i have tried my very best to low down my level to their level and help them from the basic. and i do feel like crying thinking how hard it is to make this students’ understand that “walking” is not the past tense for “walk”.

my energy has totally drained out today. i stood in front of 2 Seroja’s door with an open arms (literally) to stop the students who has not finished copying (its only copying!) the things on the whiteboard from getting out of the class. being clever in the naughty sense they are, they escaped from under my arms and i was left alone in the class. it was 5 minutes before the bell rang.

i stood in the middle of the class thinking, God! help me!

i can not give up on them now! i just cant!

“ya Allah, permudahkanlah anak-anak muridku untuk menimba ilmu, terangkanlah hati mereka ya Allah, berkatilah ilmu yang aku curahkan ya Allah, kerana Engkaulah pemberi segala ilmu, Kau tanamkanlah semangat dalam diri mereka untuk belajar ya Allah, Ya Hayyu, Ya Qayyum, Ya Latiff, Ya Rahman”

“Allah Maha Lembut kepada hamba-Nya; Dia memberi rezeki kepada sesiapa yang Dia kehendaki, dan Dialah Yang Maha Kuat, lagi Maha Kuasa.”




One thought on “i feel like giving up.

  1. Nisa, aku pun taknak jadi cikgu. aku nekad.

    melainkan kalo diorg benarkan aku color rambut aku. aku nak jadi cikgu yang cool. cikgu yang happy. cikgu yang handsome. cikgu yang tak boring.

    tapi sekolah aku kata kalau aku nak jadi cikgu aku mesti jadi cikgu boring mcm diorg. aku takleh color rambut. aku kena pakai baju besar2 mcm jubah. baju baju satu color je…plain. pastu aku takleh nak bawa students aku keluar drp kelas. aku takleh nak buat literature lesson under the tree.

    Nisa, aku nak jadi cikgu yang cool. aku nak students aku suka aku….

    p/s: lps ni reti2 la nak add link blog aku ke blog ko OK. leave comments as well ok.

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