2 Seroja

it so nice to be able to come back from school, sleep and then enjoy the night with your friends not having to think about your lesson plans for tomorrow. pure bliss.

the first week of prac is erm… *lost of words* … erm indescribable.  its like you went back to your school days but you get a different view. you have more power and authority (heheh), but then you realise that being a teacher is really hard. *sigh*

i love both of my classes.  ok , i lied. i love 2 seroja the most. heh.  2 seroja is the most challenging class ever! (not that i have many experience handling class la kan)  in terms of their proficiency which is low and their level of naughtiness which is high. 

 the kids have touched my heart. everytime i stepped my foot into the class, i will encounter some syahdu moments. for example one of my boy said “kelas ni kelas bodoh kan cikgu”. *sobs* . i nearly cried. i try my best to teach them something. if not about English, about life, so that they could prepare themselves for the hostile world outside.  if i cant teach them prepositions and pronouns (i will still try to teach them la kan), i’ll teach them moral values and tell them that by being polite, you can make other people smiles. hurm.

i have already remembered half of the class names. half more to go. 🙂

Allahumma tamaamal ghinna a’ninnas..
wa hablana haqeeqatal imaani bik..
hatta laa nakhaaf
wa laa narju ghairak
wa laa na’buda syai’an siwaak..”
Wahai Allah, sempurnakanlah kecukupan kami ke atas manusia
dan kurniakan kami hakikat iman dengan Mu,
sehingga tiada bagi kami rasa takut
dan tidak kami kembali kepada selain Engkau
dan tidak kami sembah melainkan Engkau sendirian
Kami memohon kepada Mu, agar Engkau memperbaiki segala urusan kami, dan jangan tinggalkan kami sendirian walaupun pada kadar sekelip mata…
Allahumma rahmataka arju, fa laa takkilni illa anfusina torfata ‘ain, wa aslihli sya’ni kullah, laa ilaa ha illa anta”
O Allah, arrange our life in whatever way that You please, as long as we are nearer to You, we can struggle better in Your Path..



4 thoughts on “2 Seroja

  1. this is inspiring. allah has chosen you, to be a teacher. and He has chosen you to be 2 seroja’s teacher. there must be a reason and He knows the best. Insya Allah, I know you’ll bring out the best in them.
    kalau you tulis dramatik sket lagi mau nitis aer mata.

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