oh so many things had happened!

and i can’t paint it with words for they gave me many beautiful memories that are indescribable (i’m actually just too lazy to write them.)

teacher’s day. final exams, intel course, and GERKO course! phew!

p/s: i can play cricket now! em would really be proud of me!

i’m typing this entry from segamat. i’m helping my sister to move out but she actually has packed everything in her house , and i dont have anything better to do except watching korean dramas on astro (well, mak actually yg tgk!) and hanging out at my sister’s office in UiTM Segamat.

There’s nothing much that you could say about Segamat. really.

Ana Shirin & Durra came and stayed at my house for a few days before. we went to Syida’s wedding and frolicking happily on the white sandy beach in Pangkor! it was fun indeed to be able to swim (or berendam as i cant really swim) in the warm Malacca Straits water. plus, i’ve got my closest friends with me as well! Thanks to Ainee who brought cucur and roti 😉 i’ll upload the photos later.

i’m really grateful to Allah as i passed my final exams! congratulations to all my friends and i wish you guys many luck for practicum!

okeh. this office is freezing cold!


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