I sing out at the top of my lungs and the world screeches to a halt to listen.

I sing out at the top of my lungs and the world screeches to a halt to listen.

Do you ever find yourself with the ear plugs of your iPod firmly jammed in your ears, listening to an incredible song, and forcing yourself not to sing out to anyone who’ll listen?

i know that i dont have the talent to sing but i still love doing it. loudly! and i know it irritates other people in the same surrounding. teeheeeee.

fariza said that i sing berlenggok-lenggok like a nasheed and the song will turned into a nasheed song as well.

sometimes, music is the only way that i know how to express myself. not that i know how to compose a song but sometimes there’s some songs that actually talks about your or the feelings and the situations that you are tangled in. it directly hit the spots! and it hurts.

i do envy with the people who can sing, compose lyrics and songs, or play any musical instruments. (inilah kerje aku, dok jeles kat org je) but yeah, god’s gift to human is different individually. so, eventhough i don’t know how to play guitar, i’m still thankful for i still have voice to sing, or probably screeching. heheh.

i know i know.

3 entries in a day. i’m pathetic right?


8 thoughts on “I sing out at the top of my lungs and the world screeches to a halt to listen.

  1. hahah. amboih. bosan bena ek. probably you should do some bloghopping and leave some comments on my blog.

  2. nisaaaaaaaaaa~~!!

    sape kate you takde bakat nyanyi… ade la…
    i suke ape dgr u nyanyi lagu raye dendang perantau mase kat oz dulu 😀

  3. hehe~ kak Nisa… this is you… the only kak Nisa i know… hehe~

    sometimes you make me freak out, sometimes you make me laugh… most of the time you make me respect you…

    anyhow… i believe that each of us has been given an ability (extra) that makes us different from anyone else. you don’t need to have a beautiful voice to make people love you… it’s enough with your deeds to help them seeing the light…

    what was i crapping… am so bad at english… now you know why i write mostly in Malay… huhu~


  4. jarod : oh oh korang dah ade rockband jugak ke??
    huwaaa!! nakkk!!

    ainee : yer yer sayang, tgh bloghopping ni. heh.

    nozie : bile u dgr i nyanyiiiii???

    azmir : i freaked you out?? hehehhe.. soriiii… kengkadang ni kak nisa sungguh menakutkan. ampun 😛

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