green with envy and crying for help!

Hearing news from my friends in OZ always make me envy of them.  most of my friends are involved with so many new productions that i lost count. they are progressing professionally in the theatrical world and i’m jealous to death!

see, the last thing that I did was producing COMREV for Mac Uni and teching BrightSparks kids show for the talent agency. that was way back in November and December last year. the last show that i watched was Sirah Junjungan at Istana Budaya months ago. sheesh.

i miss the atmosphere of handling a piece of art. i miss the rehearsals, the band practice, the candy bar counts, the bump ins, bump outs, late night jammings, the after party and oh so many more.

I’ve promised my friends, my “mahaguru in theater”, and myself that i will continue to do drama in malaysia. I will use drama to change the society, to make people understand sufferings, to show  the colors and the music of the world to people. and see la what i’m doing? nothing. none. zero. yilek.

gosh! one of my friend told me that she dreams of opening a production house of her own. and guess what? she already did! i just got to know it a few minutes ago while strolling through the pages of Facebook. oh oh! i’m so jealous of her i dont know what to do! she deserves it actually, she worked hard for it and she’s very talented and not to mention that the opportunities for creative people is wider there. she’s producing and directing her first play under her production house and i wish u all the best Fred!

oh oh i miss dramac and macms! haiisshhhhhhhhhhhh. they have been producing a handful of shows and i wish i could be there, a part of the productions. aiyooooo…..

maybe i should do something instead of lazing and bumming around. i really need to work on it and start finding opportunities if i want to go far in this field. i think I’ve got a small number of experiences to kick start but i am yet to have confidence. its kinda sad because i used to do many absolute-random-and-i-don’t-think-i-will-do-it things back in Australia and I’m always full of confidence.

maybe i should go back to australia and do it all there, haaaishhh…

i complain a lot kan? haaaiiiiiiiiiiiiishhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

i don’t know where to start. can someone help me!


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