of Hockey, Angah and Watermelon juice.

Me, Ana, ‘Ainur, Zue and Faa are the usual suspects who always screaming (or cheering) for the IPBA Hockey team at the stadium near our hostel.  We always come to support obviously the IPBA team; however, today was something different.  IPBA was playing against SMK ST John today and instead of Form 4 and Form 5 students, they were the cute little boys probably Form 2 or Form 3 students who were playing against these trainee teachers.  Their parents came and gave those supports and encouragement as well.  There was this one little girl who came to see her brother “Angah” playing in the team. You could definitely spot Angah as he was the smallest player and wearing an oversized jersey number 18. It was really cute to see Angah running around the field carrying the hockey stick which probably could be longer than his height. Angah was definitely the highlight of the game for us!

We did cheer for IPBA. But seeing these little cuties are so motivated to win the game and they kept attacking and defending you probably will cheer for them too. And we did. They only score one goal against the IPBA team but I think that one goal is more meaningful as they have to fight with another team who is bigger physically and mentally (?).  We screamed our hearts out cheering for those kids on the field and we were really satisfied when they finally scored!! We have cheered for the IPBA team for the previous matches and kali ni kasi can la eh kat bebudak tu? Hehe…

To IPBA’s Hockey Team. You will always have our support! And we will come and cheer you anytime!

I know I know. I should get back to my notes now.


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