tidakkah kau pressure?

I really, really, really should be studying. I know I should. The exams are coming up next week and I have not even covered half of each components. Argh.. Talk about panic attack! Which only last for a few seconds and then I’m back googling everything under the sun and poking everyone in Facebook. Not to mention the very attractive videos of Outlandish in youtube (the adj. “attractive” refers to the lead singer of Outlandish). And oh yes, bloghopping. See, I would do anything. ANYTHING, instead of studying. Haish. Ask me to go somewhere with you and I’ll go. I spent 3 hours at Scud just now for I dreaded to go back to my room where all my notes are eagerly waiting to be read, and I promised ‘Ainur to watch a movie tomorrow, any movie as long as we don’t have to study. Rosak sungguh.

 I never learnt from my mistakes do I? During PMR,  I was the girl who always sleeps during prep, evening and night. And see la my results! Which makes my mum asah parang! I have to transfer school for my dad thought that I needed a different environment and hostel life is not suitable for me. haha.  3 A’s is certainly considered as a bad result by my family and I think by most people.  It’s only PMR ok. Oh! Exams are so overrated.

 I called my bonda just now and told her that my finals are next week and asked her to give her blessings and doa for me. And then she said, never in her prayers that she doesn’t pray for my success and she’ll be sharpening her parang sometime soon. Oh! Kasih bonda sungguh syahdu!

 Ok, I should get back to my notes now.






4 thoughts on “tidakkah kau pressure?

  1. woih dasyat mak kau!
    asah parang watper??
    nih giler pressure nk study nih..kalo lar mak aku begitu juger..mungkin aku salah seorang pelajar cemerlang..hahaha mungkin jer.. =P

  2. haha.
    dulu berkesan la gak. tapi x berape sgt.

    ni skang ni kalau mak ugut tak bg duit lg berkesan kot.


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