Backdated: Reviu Jenaka.


If Hayfever was my first baby, then ComRev is my second one.  This is my first producer debut! At first, when Fred asked me to produce this show, I was a bit reluctant as it is very near to exam period and i had bad experience stage managing 2007’s comedy revue.  However, she gave me faith that i could pulled this show through and walla! this became my production! (hehe).

 I then knew how my producer felt when she produced Hayfever, you’ll felt like banging the directors head with a pole until they die! there are two directors for this show and there are also two producers (me and my Hayfever producer). 4 heads, 4 brains and 4 different ways of working. however, i’m glad that we could all co-operate nicely and even though there were small mishaps here and there, everything ran smoothly during the performance nights, except when one of our cast came in very drunk and did a lot of stupid things on stage. i was pissed but the audience thought it was one of the skits in the show. well….

Working with these people meant so much to me. I wish I could go back to Sydney and do this year’s comedy revue. sobs.

p/s : I will write an entry for every production that I have done. Pathetic ke? haha. takut lupe la. aiyoo..



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