definitely maybe.

this is a i’m-about-to-cry entry. forgive me.

this movie touched my heart. eventhough, i fell asleep and missed a few important parts. heeee. 😀  i cant help it though, since i haven’t been sleeping at all last night.

this is not about the movie. this is about how much i miss my daddy.

i dont know where and how should i start. but i know i have to write this, coz i dont have anywhere else to go.

i miss him terribly. watching the movie made me miss him even more.  my dad used to tell me stories before i sleep. just like in the movie. he would tell how he fell in love with my mum and how he stalked her, and all the things that he did to attract my mum’s attention. he is really romantic.

he’d tell me what will i be when i grow up. will i be an engineer? will i be a doctor? he wants me to be a teacher. and i’m becoming one. i know he must be really proud of me.

gosh. i really miss him. i know i’ve said this a million times before, he is my world and he is my everything. and a part of me was gone when he left.

i lost my shoulder to cry on.

i lost my clutch.

 i lost my best friend.

i lost my partner in crime.

and i need him now. badly. i want to tell him everything that is happening in my life. i want to tell him about my crush, tell him about how tired i am with life and how i wish i could go back home and feel his hugs again.

i want to hear his voice saying that everything will be okay. i want to cry in his arms.

i want his hand on my head, stroking my hair. i want him to tell that same story again.

i want him to tell me that he loves me and he’s really proud of me.

he’s the only one that i confide in and now i lost him.

yes, i still cant accept the fact. you’ll know it if you’re in my shoes.



One thought on “definitely maybe.

  1. nisa…
    i know it’s hard. very hard indeed.
    all i can do is to pray to God for your happiness and comforts in life.. =)

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