Seven things you plan to do before you die:

1. do voluntary work somewhere overseas

2. see Taj Mahal.

3. stroll on Bondi Beach and see Sculptures by The Sea one more time.

4. go to Mecca for Hajj & Umrah

5. be happy in one continuous block of time.

6. marry someone that I love and have his children.

7.keep the friends I have.
Seven things I can do:

1. Shop. till I drop.

2. daydreaming for a long time.

3. procrastinate without feeling guilty.

4. tease my friends till they cry.

5. love. passionately.

6. have 2-3 crushes at the same time.

7. sleep the whole day.

Seven things I cannot do:

1. survive one day without coffee

2. swim. its embarassing.

3. ride roller-coasters. traumatic experience

4. showering without singing my lung out;

5. eat alone. its depressing.

6. make nasi goreng the way mom does it.

7. like children.
Seven things I could do:

1. do my assignments earlier.

2. stop lusting over Hugh Jackman.

3. try to overcome my fear of heights.

4. control my anger.

5. be more soft-spoken

6. read more islamic books

7. work harder in every aspect of life.
Seven celebrity crushes:

1. hugh jackman

2. shah rukh khan

3. isam bachiri from Outlandish

4. that hottie from Criminal minds

5. Joseph Fiennes

6. Julian MacMohan

7. hugh jackman. teeeheeee…


Seven often repeated words:

1. bodoh!

2. dem.

3. Lailahaillahh!!!!!!!

4. ape?

5. hurm?

6. tapi kan?

7. eh?
Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:

1. the eyes.

2. the smile.

3. the voice.

4. the way he carries himself.

5. the way he makes me laugh.

6. the passion.

7. the heart.


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