same old same old.

ok. fuh.

the past few weeks were really hard for me. emotionally and mentally. and there’s one more week to go with organising events and stuff. see if i could survive by the end of this week.

there are so many things that are thrown to me that needed to be catch. juggling them with assignments is not an easy task for i nearly went insane.

plus plus plus. i am still healing from a heartbroken case. seeeeee??? i was mentaly retarded. i easily found faults in whatever that is coming to me, i had not enough sleep, my mind was always thinking about the things i’m doing. i skipped a few meals that took a toll on me at the end of the day.

i’m sorry to those that i have thrown my tantrum to.

but a beautiful soul once said to me, “take it all as a challenge, one that will make u stronger”.

i know i should’nt whine (guilty as charge!) haha. but i’m waiting for there might be beautiful things for me after this crazy phase. (seeeeeee.. positive thinking x??)

what  frustrated me the most is that i didnt have the shoulder to cry on.

my dear friend, i was looking at your number in my phone book but i know i cant press the call button. i needed you, and still needing you. i ended up crying by myself.

i cant talk to anyone else knowing that i would not hear your voice of advice. i miss u larrrrr……..


lets drink coke (my 3rd glass for today) for the new week!

or maybe just same old shit, but different perspective.

i hope.





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