Backdated : Marat / Sade


*Marat in his bath tub crowded by my revolution infected friends*

We opened the curtain of 2007 with a sadistic production called Marat / Sade or the full title is The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade written by Peter Weiss, one of the brilliant playwrights (and of my favorites!).

Every time I watched this play, whether during rehearsal or during the many nights of performances, it gave me shivers, other than the existance of  singing evil clowns, the way peter weiss mocked the reality of the society now and then sent some horrific feeling to me. The play is a retelling of the aftermath of the French Revolution which was acted by the inmates of the asylum in Cheranton. (Yes, the play is about some bunch of crazy people acting out a real story.) Jean Paul Marat was a confused journalist tortured by his memories and the thought of the revolution had ended not according to what he intended. He was then killed by the gorgeous Charlotte Corday in his bath tub (he has to stay in the bath tub forever because he got a really bad skin problem where his skin comes off easily. disgusting)

The acting out part played by the inmates was supposed to be a mere entertainment for the asylum’s doctor’s family but turned out to be more political as the fever of the revolution infected the patients , as i think has infected my friends as well.  It was one of the goriest plays I’ve ever worked with. I had nightmares every night during the time of production for everyday i had to witness the means and evilness of the French Revolution.

One night after the production, while I was clearing up the candy-bar, this one random guy who always come to our production (who I think is a drama go-er and reviewer) came up to me and we really had a good and insightful conversation that night.  We both agreed that the issues of aristocracy and the lower class raised in this play is a profound mediation of revolution. It opens up the harshness, the cruelness and the brutality of the fight and whether the newly ruling class had bring changes or were they also drown in the sea of power and has adopted the way of the old aristocracy.



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