Taro Milk Tea with Aloe Vera and Rainbow Jelly.

i am definitely craving for taro milk tea with aloe vera and rainbow jelly from the easy way in macquarie centre, the one with the cuuuuutest guy who always made me tongue-tied whenever i went there. haha.

it has been like hell with so many things are thrown at me. urgh. i just hope that there are more hours in a day. 24 is definitely not enough.

and today is the worst day of all. i’ve never been mentally and physically drained before (well i might have been but i cant remember). just wait till tomorrow with the English day and tarik tali and all of that. this week will be hell for me. arghh… i pray to god that he’ll give me strength to go through all this, in one piece. i seriously feel macam dah mati idup balik nih.

i just cant wait for the 14th of April. rasenye mcm time tu semua bende akademik dan kokurikulum dah habis. macam laa… i need to treat myself.

 oklah. stop with all the gaggings~ i should be sleeping, have to wake up early tomorrow and set up the stations for Amazing Hunt. heheheheh.



5 thoughts on “Taro Milk Tea with Aloe Vera and Rainbow Jelly.

  1. Nisa, although we exchange very little words…
    You are an inspiration to me…
    Truly one that stands out & takes charge!
    Be the best that you can be!

  2. nisaa!! remember! on the 9th after kita submit cs let’s go to pwtc ok! insyaAllah if takde apa hal. so for now, work hard.

  3. hai kak nisa!!

    abang easyway yang mane satu ni??ade 2 abang comell. hahaha. anyway, rainbow jelly memang best tapi aloe vera?? sure ke sedap?

    just dropping by. have a nice day!


  4. assalammualaikum,

    i always remember that as-Syahid Imam Hassan al-Banna used to say that ‘al-wajibaat aktsaru minal waqt’ which conveys the meaning; responsibilities are more than time… and i believe in that as well.

    strive yout best, do it for Allah, believe in Him, for He shall grant you more than you have ever imagined. Allahu yubarik fik…

    akhukil mukhlis,

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