eheh ;)

What Kind of Guy Will You Fall For?

You would fall for the sensitive guy. You’ll find your future man wherever turtlenecks are sold. He will have depth, introspection, and a disturbing knowledge of musical theatre. And he may be a little weird. But hey, while your girlfriends cry over broken hearts, you’ll be having Shakespeare read to you every night.
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5 thoughts on “eheh ;)

  1. i know! haha. i x kesah disturbing pun. mesti he keeps on giving trivial about musical~

    and shakespeare for bedtime stories!

    oh how more wonderful could life be?


  2. it could be worst.
    mmg la u akn di bace shakespeare stiap malam.
    tp bagaimanekah
    kalo org yg mmbace ttu brsuare
    yg tidak enak di dngar?!!

    serves u right !

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