for i have drifted apart from my two best friends.

how do i feel?

sad, depressed, sick, angry, nak muntah, hangin, syahdu, rejected.

should i cry? or should i just let it be and brush shoulders with them like nothing had happened between us?

should i still exchange hellos? should i wave from afar or should i come near them and say hi?

should i just smile and look away or should i grin happily like i used to do when i meet them?

i never felt so alone in my life for those two are my trusted friends.

i lost one first before the other. and i’ve lost part of my smile since.

and now i lost them both.

for one keep running away from me and the other just want to stand from afar.

i dont know what have i done. for i love them both for the sake of God.

and they should know it better. yes, they should.

i miss their laughter, i miss their smile and i miss their words of encouragement.

and their friendship.

it is heart-wrenching, to see them everyday and know that what i used to have with them is only in the past.

For I love them both for the sake of God.


4 thoughts on “kehilangan.

  1. hey kak nisa..:)…a very touching post up’s it goin?..thanx for dropping by…ive been in sydney all along…xbalik msia pn…huhu…rindu muv je ke…hehe….how r u doing there?….miss u guys..take care aite.:)

  2. dun wori nisa u will never lose the friendship if it is for the sake of God.. for all relationships bcos of Him is eternal… hingga ke Jannah ;)insya-Allah

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