10 years ago………..

I was 13. Form 1, very naive. Not the best year of my life. Was sent to a boarding school and i hated it. very very much. i was tortured and bullied by the seniors for the simplest things like not giving salam to them when walking pass them ( kalau aku nak terkejar ke bilik air ape pun aku x ingat dah weh) or when my bed was not made properly. i was living under pressure. i hated the school system and i was learning 18 subjects altogether ( the usual 9 subjects and thanawi) . i dont want to remember anything at all about that life i endured.

5 years ago………

lepas SPM. Life was very oh la la la la la la gitu.. i worked as a substitute teacher at my mom’s school. nothing much happened. got my spm’s result, went to a couple interviews. enrolled in IPBA. ehem. developed my passion to become a teacher. got to know my current friends right now. bla bla bla yada yada yada.

1 year ago………   

*sigh* was happily and peacefully leading my life in Sydney. Enjoying the saki-baki of the summer holidays while exploring Sydney. Went boating at the National Park, picked up the juniors at the airport, taking them round town and showing them the best place to get halal food. I was busy with the first drama production of the year , helped to design and build the set. the goriest play i’ve ever involved, with scary and evil clowns singing on stage. The easiest and simplest set i’ve ever built. Worked with an experienced, handsome, drop dead gergeous, hot ( dan yang sewaktu dgnnya) named Aaron. *drool*.  I’ve met so many amazing, interesting and unique people who inspired me to follow my passion and gain benefits from it. i was very happy. the first sem takde exam, i love the subjects! awesome lecturers! (Rod Lane!) 2007 is the best year of my life. so far lah.

Yesterday I was……. 

Surfing the net all day, and sometimes try to do my assignment which is due next week but failed. *sigh*. Loughed out loud with my roommates sampai pecah perut. sengaling and sangaping as well.

5 snacks I enjoy………

1. cekodok . sedap weh! tambah lg yg panas2 tuh.

2. keropok ikan parang, tapi org lain kene gorengkan.

3. Tau Fu Fah . yg kat tepi masjid manjung tu.

4. Haziq & Hafiy. Machu geget!!!

5. coklat DOVE sewaktu di Sydney. uih!

5 songs I know all the words to…….

1. Bella Luna – Jason Mraz. pre-requisite untuk menjadi bakal suami. haha.

2. 1000 tahun – Imran Ajmain.

3. 1000 years love song – Dong Bang Shin Ki. aku hafal lagu Korea weh.

4. Sweet the Sting – Tori Amos.

5. Kami Guru Malaysia. tak banyak lagu yg aku hapal.

bad habits………

1. kuat merengus. mcm lembu.

2. suke kembang idung. bak kate anak sedare “eeehh, idung machu kambang”

3. banyak cakap pot pet pot pet.

4. kuat tidor.

5. kaki sepah.

5 biggest joy…….

1. My family.

2. My friends.

3. Ice cream!

4. kalau dapat kerete skang nih.

5. my bed. tempat yg paling bahagia!

5 favourite toys……..

1. digital camera. saksi kepada keobsesanku dgn diri sendiri.

2. Haziq punye toy jengkaut kat rumah. boleh kaut pasir betul-betul. hebat giler!

3. Laptop ni.

4. Haziq & Hafiy.

5. ACY 7693. yang dibalun hari-hari .

5 favourite tv shows…….

1. Summer Heights High.

2. Criminal Minds

3. The Chasers.

4. Spic and Spec.

5. Ugly Betty!

saye dgn ini, meng “tag” :

  • Nisha’                            
  • Tasha
  • Ana
  • Alin
  • Ainee
  • Yuen
  • Soya
  • Afir
  • Syikin
  • Wanee
  • Zek
  • Sunny
  • Jarod.

ha. ramai ko.



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