Backdated : Hayfever by Noel Coward.


 the whole cast and crew.

I love performing arts. Its my passion.

I started watching numerous numbers of theaters / plays/ performance in 2003/04. I was hoping that i could actually jump into the scene one day. and i thought i was dreaming big.

 Hayfever is my directorial debut ( well, if you dont count Macbeth in foundation year). It’s my dream come true, my pride and my joy. I directed hayfever in Australia under the amateur drama society in Macquarie University. I stage managed , tech-ed all of the society productions in 2006/07 and i thought that i need more. i’ve done everything from backstaging, light/stage/costume designing, front of housing and all the dirty works that you could imagined, then i got the guts to push my way up further.

i was contemplating wether to pitch this marvelous piece of Noel Coward in the meeting due to some constraints that i have lined up in front of me. After several coffee + motivation sessions with my fellow theatrical friends, i decided to go on with it. I told everyone my ideas, the set that i had in mind and how my audition and my rehearsals are going to be. Half and hour later, Hayfever was sold! i’ve got one month to prove myself.

with only AUD500,  a beautiful and talented producer, amazing assistant director and a wonderful cast, we managed to pull it through. August 2007 was the most stressful, challenging, emotional and wonderful month i’ve ever gone through.

We rehearsed during the evening on weekdays and the whole day on weekends. Thank God, i’ve got wonderful housemates who understand and pretty much giving me support whenever i need them. This play really challenged me, mentally and emotionally. One the first day of audition, no one turned up. I sat like a stupid person under the hot scorching sun waiting for people to come to audition. I was thinking that this play is such a bad idea and i wont be able to stage it. It all turns out good the next day. i got really busy, from explaining the plot, the characters and what do i expect from the cast to photocopying scripts and audition forms as well as buying my helpers food and coffees.  Once i got the whole cast, a couple of them backed off, which really stressed me out. i called for a call-back and managed to fill the empty roles. A cast then could not come to more than half of the rehearsal slots, i had to kick her out, a decision that was really hard for me because she’s one of my best! I nearly gone crazy! with all the work for the productions and the assignments and uni work that i had to do. 

the people that i worked with are very wonderful. My producer, Anna is so amazing, she managed to make my set into a reality. Tali, my assistant is the clutch that I need. Being more experienced than I am she guided me through the whole process, giving me ideas and how would i better my self, my directions. The most important : my cast~ most of them are amateur-turning-professional actors and performers. They worked professionally, always listen to my instructions, and would always try to improve after listening to my notes. We have made a small family through the characters of Hayfever. A family that i am now missing, badly.

Come the night of performance. 29th, 30th, 31st of August and 1st of Sept. We had full house on every night. =) Joyful! that’s the only word that i could use to describe my feeling~ I was really anxious on the opening night, my cast dragged me to the lake near the theater and we played with mud, just to ease our mind and let out the tense feeling and I felt a bit better after the hysterically mudfights~

Everyone who came to watch gave wonderful comments, there are some erm people who doesnt like it, but i took it as a challenge and my weakness and swear to improve in the future. hey! its my first time!

I have learnt so much from this experience and I would not trade it even to the whole world!~ Hayfever is my first baby!

p/s : did i mention that we made lots of profit? heheh.


                      scene in the living room                                                      my gergeous cast

dining-table.jpg girl-cast.jpg

               the blisses at the dining table                                                       girl power~!

rehearsal-di-luar.jpg warmup1.jpg

               rehearsal at my backyard                                            playing “zip, zap, boing” for warm up


                gallant, young and handsome.


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