when there’s a gig on that day, it’s a good day.

KLPac Open Day.

I’ve been excited about going to the Open Day for weeks.  Being back in Malaysia for nearly 2 months and has never been injected with any artsy-patsy serum from then, made my hormones go wild that day. I need to be rejuvenated, get my creative juices flowing again, and just feel the fresh air of art goes through my lung. Hurm, the only creative thing that I’ve done is the doodlings that I did during the ever boring lecture which I’m not really proud of. Gaaahh!

 Eventhough I was a bit frustrated with the event as it is not like what i had in mind, we  ( Nisha’, Ainee & I ) still had a fabulous time. We gambled by taking a taxi from IPBA when none of us know where KLpac is. Numerous phone calls were made inside the taxi and finally we arrived there, still excited eventhough the weather on that day is really hot. Most of the exciting events were held in the morning and we practically missed most of it. We bumped into Kak Makmal and Sawitry and joined the salsa class together.  Later than i realised that Nisha’ and I have chemistry as dance partner. heheh.

We even managed to get our photos taken by the proffessional and got it printed for free.  The pic turned out great and we already dreaming of joining the photography club in order to get a boyfriend-photographer. teheeee.

 After straining our feet and hips with the sleeky salsa moves, Nisha’ and I joined the stompers and we came up with amazing beats, me with only using a ply of wood and a big chunk of polysterine. empty tins and empty bottles were used as well. The audience joined by clapping their hands and it was such a wonderful feeling creating a music from things that you usually ignored. I beat the thing really hard! (lepas geram). heheh.

  ketuk jgn tak ketuk     stompers.jpg

We  then decided to find something to soothe our throat at the food stalls on that extremely hot day.  we managed to get our hands on ais kacang yang tak berape sedap but because of the heat, we gulped it down to last piece of kacang in the bowl.

Sawitri then dropped us off at the nearest komuter station and we headed home. Really really tired.

I had a fun day. I do feel rejuvenated, a bit. But i think i do need more “pelempang seni” because I feel so unmotivated to do anything. Ainee is helping me to make a portfolio that i presume would come in handy, and I do hope that my passion for drama and directing would never fade. oh please.

 Soalan cepu emas dari Ainee : ” bile aku nak nampak name ko terpampang kat KLPAC ni Nisa?”    hurrmmmm..

     dalam-train.jpg front.jpgngan-ainee.jpg



3 thoughts on “when there’s a gig on that day, it’s a good day.

  1. ye menarik. agak susah nak ada chemistry kalau kita dapat salsa partner yang berketinggian 6 kaki ye adik2. I think you should put “ainee is going to help me to make a portfolio”. Heheh. Future reference. Sebab I tak start apa pun lagik. Hee hee. Will do it soon insya Allah.

    Put la your picture which I took near by the lake tuh. Ramai orang kate cantik. That one kasi up lagi portfolio. Lulz. 😛

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