Sculptures By The Sea.

~a few notes that Em and I gathered during one of the last outing that i had with a few close friends back in Sydney.

i’m still in denial.  haih.

-French waiter is super HOT!
-They have the best iced tea in BONDI
-you could get to bondi in 1/2 hour by car and 2 1/2 hours by public transport
-shopping with Em is tiring. She’s so picky.
-Nisa is the ultimate sunglasses consultant
-There are sexy dogs and ugly dogs. but all dogs are scary.
-so does orange balloon.
-when pat is lost, and he’s just 4 mtrs away from the rest, he’ll still make the phone call.
-snow cones.
-big spoon is the best. i dedicate this love to dean.
-all sculptures were rated by art professional extraordinaire, Patrick Magee in his exclusive mole skin note book.
-toys make a good sculpture
-submarine too
-but not big blue guy with small penis.
-there’s a man living in a pirate cave in Bondi Beach
-which we later found that it is not a sculpture
-heights are scary.
-do not ask tourist to take your photos
-Australia is hot
-really hot!
-Its hard to get Em to put sunscreen on her body. she’s so stubborn
-do not trust sydney public transport.
-get food first before you do anything.
-15 bottles of lemonade would not fill a bathtub.
-do not! i repeat do not ever order a salmon bagel!
-nisa doesn’t like ordering. ever.
-watch out ehen suggesting things to order to Nisa, because she will just say “yes” even if she hates it.
-Nisa, bring extra clothes next time you go to the beach.
-bring your own towel bron.
-and your swimming clothes evan.
-note to johny, do not park at the opposite end of Bondi if you’re going to Tamarama beach.
-Nisa does got sunburnt despite her dark skin.
-big waves are scary… to Em only.
-patrick makes a good waiter. seriously.
-Anna & Em are popular
-Nisa and Evan are not.
-Evan is very feminine
-Walking 5 km to your car is a very good exercise.
-nisa + stairs are not good friends.
-Nisa gets grumpy when she has more exercise than ever before in her life.
-after avoiding dogs all day, Nisa the Brave was sniffed by a dog 300m from the car.
-Nisa calls shotgun 5km from the car. and it was valid!
-do not talk to Evan while he is driving.
-he drives in a straight line away from the destination.
-evan is a level 4 paramedic. he could do all the cool stuff.
-anna’s couch is really comfy and nisa manage to fell asleep on it.
-nisa sleeps everywhere!
-Matt likes Lord of The Rings.
-Matt gives the best hugs.
-Matt is a party animal.
-Anna wants a fan.
-Anna, you could have Nisa’s fan when she leaves.
-Indian food is a yes!
-They’ll give you potato if you ask.
-who could say no to Em?
-Indians do not accept tips from customers.
-Evan will eat dinner twice for the sake of friends.
-when travelling with Evan Terry tours, expect to get lost.
-Nisa saw many parts of Sydney, that were’nt on the way home.
-Nisa got to know Evan and Em better.
-Em gives the best hair cut!
-Nisa had the best day!!
-and she gonna misses these guys a lot!
nisa-johny.jpg sbts-evan-anna.jpgnisa-em.jpg

4 thoughts on “Sculptures By The Sea.

  1. “nisa + stairs are not good friends.”-hahah!terkene batang hidung saye juge!

    nisa~ it’s good to know that u r still pretty much ALIVE~ huhu. keep on blogging~ (^_^)

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